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March 15, 2013
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He Wrapped Her in Moonbeams and Held Her Close by Elera He Wrapped Her in Moonbeams and Held Her Close by Elera
Started this in my Livestream, finished it up today with little stopping. 7-8 hours...? So haha that is why the shading is barely there, and perspective and clean lines and logical lighting are nowhere to be found. The usual for me, but I feel like I must apologize every time. Or just go haaaaaaaaaahahahahaha

I was thinking of that Titanic kiss that happens on the bow of the ship (yeah I know, that is regrettable because it is a silly movie), so I started drawing something like it (stupid gorgeous music with forbidden undertones at the end: [link]). For lack of a better setting I decided to make this a kiss from what *Tell-Me-Lies and I call magicverse (I think we've named three universes that, but this one is the most magic-est). It came about when I wanted to do something with witch trials because I freaking love the folksy lore as well as the tragic history behind "witch" persecution. Of course that's why too depressing of a thing for mice, and so Lies came up with the BRILLIANT idea of having them be really magic and from a wonderful magical realm and the whole thing blew up into something marvelous. Ahem. The story goes thusly:

Once upon a time there was a magical realm, full of kingdoms beyond count. They thrived and grew and were fueled by the hopes and the will of the people. The most brilliant of all these kingdoms was Fantasia, in which a young prince was born to a happy couple: Mickey. Unfortunately, not all of these mystical lands were good, for although some of the ones that practiced black magic were not evil, some most certainly were. In the land of Warhex ruled a Necromancer, a demon who was said to have crawled out of the blackest pit of the earth. He could raise the dead, but only as abominations and monstrosities. He was the most feared being and sorcerer in all of the worlds, yet he did not possess the most powerful magic of all: the gift of life.

Many kingdoms fell due to the Necromancer's greed, cruelty, and lust for more power. Fantasia was attacked when Mickey was an infant, but it did not fall thanks to the bravery of his royal parents...who were locked away and never seen again in a void of nothingness. The Necromancer possessed a magical key that could rip holes in space and time, creating a vacuum that could suck away everything and destroy a whole kingdom in a day. The king and the queen willingly went inside, and sealed shut the hole that threatened their kingdom, just after they had expelled the Necromancer with their powerful love and sorcery.

Horace Horsecollar, head of Fantasia's council and a teenager then, became Steward, ruling the kingdom until Mickey would be old enough. When Mickey was a toddler, another royal baby was born: Princess Minnie of Symphonia. Horace and Mickey and all of their court went to visit the celebrating kingdom and wish the royal family well, but tragedy here struck too, and this time for a much darker purpose.

Before Minnie's birth, a vision had come to the Necromancer of a baby that would grow into a beautiful young princess, and better still, she was to possess an amazing power, one owned by no one else: the power of true, healing, genuine life. The Necromancer immediately began to prepare.

He struck Symphonia the way he nearly killed Fantasia, opening a void with the time-space key and sucking in everything only to deposit them across the dimensions, into this world and that. The Necromancer sought the child, and little Mickey, while only barely understanding what was going on, knew that the monster must not have her. Mickey took the infant Minnie into his arms and ran to the only place he could think of: the portal that the Necromancer had made. The demon gave chase, and just when Mickey was about to disappear into the void altogether, the Necromancer latched onto Mickey, causing him to drop the baby and lose her in the dimensions. It was clear to the Necromancer that Mickey too would have great power, but the Necromancer felt only hate for this child who had ruined everything for him. The two struggled, Mickey miraculously able to hold his own for a couple of seconds, before he ripped the key off of the Necromancer's neck by accident and fell through the void himself.

He wound up in the mortal world, a place that is essentially ruled by Puritan-like societies, cold and grey like New England, and absolutely rigid and forbidding anything to do with "witchcraft." Mickey quickly learns that using magic in this world is a bad idea. He doesn't want to be seen as a devil. So he grows in some town, remembering little of his former life, training and honing his magic secretly, visiting a mentor far off in a cottage whose ancestors descended from the magical realm long ago.

At the age of seven, Mickey is traveling with his caretaker, when he senses something...a force that feels familiar somehow. He goes into the woods after it and finds a little girl crying - Minnie. Minnie herself had grown up in a strict town, but unlike Mickey, she never had found anyone to confide in about her magic. She was treated as any suspect-witch would be treated, with contempt and cruelty from her peers and from the adults as well. Mickey is the first person to tell her that her magic is a good and wonderful thing.

The two quickly become friends, growing up together, practicing together, playing together. Mickey visits once each season, and eventually, when they are old enough, they begin to develop crushes and then fall in love.

Of course, nothing is easy for too would-be witches in a Puritanical society, and through horrible trickery Mickey is convinced by the mayor's son from Minnie's town that everyone thinks Mickey is the devil and that he is possessing Minnie, that she can only be saved from the stake by marrying a respectable young man, and that Minnie is in love with the mayor's son himself. It takes a few seasons for Mickey to believe she could love such a bully, but when he sees the boy kissing Minnie in the woods...Mickey runs away, and isn't heard of from anyone for three years.

Minnie waits for him, heartbroken.

They reunite eventually, grown up and handsome and beautiful and fully in love, having missed each other every moment. Thus begins a passionate affair as Mickey tries to figure out where he and Minnie can go to be safe, but he is too late. Through misfortune Minnie is seized and tried as a witch, being tested and finally tied to burn at the stake. Mickey rescues her, natch, but they are both devastated as they try to run through the countryside, looking for safety from the mad witch hunt on their heels.

All this time, and Mickey still has the key, and eventually he and Minnie figure out how to use it. They are whisked away to Fantasia, and as soon as Mickey is recognized by Horace and the others, he quickly finds himself king of a magical country. While this is all daunting and incredible, Mickey's one condition upon ruling is this: that Minnie be his queen, and that they marry right away. They do so in the matter of a week.

From that point on there's Necromancer drama and lots of other fun things, but the best part is that Mickey and Minnie are immortal in this magical land, ageless like elves, and so because we couldn't restrain ourselves...yeah Lies and I made up ten kids for them to have. With names and personalities. And future spouses. And babies of their own. Hurrrr. More on that later.


This is just Mickey and Minnie having sexy kisses in the garden at no particular point in the timeline of them being king and queen of Fantasia. Mickey being the brilliant sorcerer he is, probably did capture some moonbeams and wrap them about Minnie as a sash.

If you read that novel, I congratulate you. Better art soon I hope, and art of the kids too~
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Also, why congratulate us for reading your great stories?
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Wonderful costumes, I usually just put them in the traditional clothes, but I like this a lot.
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Beautiful story! I wish I could read it as a book. Am I ever allowed to write fanfiction about your summaries and pictures? With credit to you of course.
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You are so amazing I can't even
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